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Jobs Available: Estimator

*Applications are due by 5pm on 02/28/2020. Projected start date for this position is (to be determined). Please send all completed applications to


Expectations and job duties associated with the position:

• Creating competitive bids to commercial and industrial projects.
• Creating Electrical budgets for customers.
• Meeting customers for job walks at various locations.
• Understanding and clarifying the scope of work with the customer.
o Creating Pre-Bid Request for Information (RFI) to help clarify scope.
• Reviewing all bids with supervisor to discuss labor hours, labor dollars, subcontractors, materials, equipment, and final costing sheet.
• Creating budgets for the projects.
o Creating budgets for tracking codes.
• Creating the Schedule of Values (SOV) for the projects that you are successfully awarded.
• Creating and sending Letters of Intent (LOI) to subcontractors and vendors.
• Working closely with Project Managers to hand over the project.
o Pricing some change orders in the beginning of a project to help the transition of handing over a project to the Project Manager.
• Communicate with customers for project start dates.
• Dressing professionally for office setting and meetings with customers.
• Helping co-workers with whatever priorities are the most pressing at that time of need.
• Project managing some of the projects that you are the successful bidder on.
• You will have the on-call phone for 1 week every 6 weeks to take after hours calls and coordinate the repair to be done that evening or weekend if needed.
• You will be expected to have your company phone on and available for calls 24/7 for the customers and Wild Electric employees.
• Working hours for this position need to be flexible based on the needs of the customers.
• Must work well with in a team environment.
• Must be able to think on their own to find answers when answers are not given


Qualifications and preferences to apply:

• Experience or education in Electrical/ Construction industry is preferred.
• Must be proficient in reading and understanding Plans and Specifications.
• Organizational and time management are a must.
• Must understand the process and steps in how a job is physically put together.
• Must be able to follow instructions and processes.