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FAQs at Wild Electric

Adding a 240V outlet for RV/car charger, etc.

  • Do you know the amperage that this equipment needs?
  • Do you know an approximate distance from the panel to the outlet?
  • Are there any photos that you can send of the equipment?

Fluorescent lighting

  • How many lamps/bulbs do you need replaced?
  • Do you know the length of lamp/bulb?
  • Do you know the approximate diameter of the lamp/bulb? (A T8 lamp/bulb is the approximate size of a quarter.  A T12 lamp/bulb is the approximate size of a silver dollar.)
  • Is it possible to send us a photo?

Partial power issue.

  • Are 220V appliances working, dryer, oven, ac unit, etc.? If not might want to call PG&E first.
  • Do you know if any of your GFCI’s are tripped?
  • Do you know if any of your circuit breakers are tripped?

Ceiling fans

  • Do you know the ceiling height?
  • Is there a fan or light there already?
  • Each fan takes about approximately 2 hours if light, fan, and switch/controls are already there.
  • If there are no existing light, fan, or controls it could take approximately 4 hours.

Exterior lights

  • Do you have the lights already?
  • How high from the ground are the lights?
  • If unsure how high get picture if possible? (Please make sure the photo includes a doorway in it if possible)
  • Do they know where the switch, time clock or photo cell are located?
  • Type and wattage of lamp/bulb?

Does Wild Electric rewire houses?

  • As a rule, NO, if it is bare studs we can talk about it.

If Wild Electric is booked out longer than the customer wants, can we refer business to others?

  • No, we do not refer to others.

What will it cost for a panel change?

  • A typical panel change can be from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 and takes a full day.
  • Permits are included.

Does Wild Electric do home inspections?

  • Yes, for the electrical power system only.

Does Wild Electric work on Mobile/Pre-manufactured homes?

  • We can work on the site electrical infrastructure up to and including the power pedestal.
  • We cannot work in the home.

Does Wild Electric work on automotive electrical systems?

  • No.

Does Wild Electric work on apartments?

  • The work can only be authorized by the property owner.
  • Tenants cannot authorize work.

Does Wild Electric do insurance work?

  • We do not bill insurance.
  • We work directly for the property owner and must be paid at the completion of each day of work.
  • Property owner can work with their insurance for reimbursement on their own.

Does Wild Electric give free estimates?

  • For our commercial and industrial customers, we do.
  • Unfortunately, not for our residential customers.

Does Wild Electric install 110V receptacles?

  • Yes, we do.
  • In many locations, we will be able to install the receptacle and keep the wiring concealed in the walls, attic, or crawl spaces.
  • In some locations, we may have to cut open the wall or ceiling to get the wiring through framing or blocking. The customer will be responsible for patching back any access holes created by the installation.

Why should I trust Wild Electric with my electrical needs?

  • Working with Valley families and businesses for over thirty-five years gives us a unique perspective that only a true trust relationship can provide. Honesty and integrity are the standard not the goal.

What is the benefit to being a union certified shop and using union certified electricians?

  • Using IBEW union certified electricians means you can guarantee the latest and most accurate training available.

Is Wild Electric locally owned or part of a nationwide chain?

  • We are privately owned and operated further adding to the best pricing in the Valley.

How can I save money by using Wild Electric as opposed to Joe Shmoe Electric?

  • We will provide estimates for ALL work to be done on a given project through to completion – Joe Shmoe Electric’s pricing can and will change as the jobs progresses. We have no hidden fees. Additional charges without your knowledge are not acceptable at Wild Electric.

How does Wild Electric differ from other union certified shops in this area?

  • Wild Electric’s commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from our competition. You don’t have to be a large corporate entity to earn respect from us – we appreciate your business no matter how large or small the job.

What if I’m not happy with the work done by Wild Electric?

  • We stand behind every job we do. If you’re not happy we’re not happy.

Are my household electrical needs too small for Wild Electric?

  • Absolutely not! From checking an outlet for power to changing out light bulbs or fixtures, adding a ceiling fan, or hard-wiring a new spa or jacuzzi – we are your one-stop shop.

Does Wild Electric work with the latest industry technologies?

  • Yes. We take great pride in ensuring that our technicians are trained in the latest industry standards and technologies.