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Wild Electric has become known for being the “go-to”

electrical contractor for many of the Valley’s largest Industrial and Commercial businesses – and in more resent years home electrical service. We take on the toughest electrical projects without hesitation. Our customers are confident that Wild Electric has the skill and safety expertise necessary to successfully complete their projects on-site and on time. Because of our dedication and proven track record, our customers continue to call us knowing we will be there when needed.



From your first days at the hospital as a newborn baby to the times when a trip to the hospital is needed for an illness or emergency, Wild Electric has been there with you Every Step of the Way…

Since our beginnings, Wild Electric has performed remodeling and new construction projects for some of the Valley’s most predominant healthcare facilities, including Clovis and Fresno Community Regional Medical Centers. Wild Electric understands the specific needs and stringent requirements of the healthcare industry and the importance of working fast while keeping critical systems online when human lives are in the balance. When it comes to healthcare facilities, we hit the ground running, you can count on it!

Partial list of Healthcare Clients:
Community Regional Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, Veterans Medical Center, Kaweah Delta District Hospital, Madera Community Hospital, and Sierra View District Hospital.



From your first days of kindergarten, the ball game you hit the winning run in, to your High School graduation, Wild Electric has been there with you Every Step of the Way…

Servicing the San Joaquin Valley School Districts with the highest level of competence is no small task! Wild Electric is the company that our school districts have come to depend on for providing top-level service in any climate for any type of project. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and our ability to implement projects on-site in a professional manner while respecting budget as well as time constraints. Make no mistake your dollar goes further with Wild Electric!

Our customers know they can rely on Wild Electric to deliver the highest possible customer service 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year.

When it comes to the ABC’s and the 123’s of electrical construction Wild Electric gets an “A+”.

Industrial Solutions


Factory Workers, Homemakers and Doctors alike, whatever your choice of career – we know you’ll find comfort knowing Wild Electric is there for you Every Step of the Way…

Wild Electric is no stranger to the ever changing nature of the Industrial marketplace. Industrial competition is at it’s highest level right here in the San Joaquin Valley and we have the knowledge and know how to ensure that our industrial clients are confident that Wild Electric has their best interests at heart. Because of our dedication and proven industrial track record, our customers continue to call us knowing we will always be there when needed.

During the initial planning and conceptual phases, through the building and implementation phases, to the project conclusion phase and all times after – Wild Electric is with you. Industry never sleeps neither does Wild Electrics’ commitment to success!

Partial list of Industrial Clients:
Scholle, Pepsi, Craft, Wonderful Citrus, Marquez Brothers, Cargil Inc, Baloian Packing, Suburban, Valley Chrome, Mission Bell, Ready Roast, US Cold Storage, and E&J Gallo Winery.

Public Works


In addition to Healthcare, Education and Industrial Services, Wild Electric works with many cities in the Central Valley!

Partial list of Public Works Clients:
High Speed Rail, City of Fresno and City of Sanger.